The Historiale:

The metropolis Berlin has had an extraordinarily rich and tumultuous history. So it is hardly a surprise that this city hosts Europe’s largest history festival: The Historiale.

Each year in the last week of August, the Berlin Historiale festival focuses on a different time period and brings history to life. It combines entertainment with acadamic precision – the festival’s collaboration with leading historians aswell as academic institutions ensures the quality and accuracy of the knowledge imparted. Every year the widely varied programmes include city tours, lectures, motion-picture theatre, and as a highlight, a historical market with a stage show.

The Historiale 2011 – Berlin as the „Capital of Spies“

Next year, the Historiale will all be about the time after the war and before the building of the Berlin wall — the time of spies, the „rubble women“, blackmarkets. About Lucky Strike, currency reforms, about petticoats and rock ‚n‘ roll. Again, it will be a very music-packed festival, just as last year, because the swing of the American big bands did not have to be played in secret anymore.

German „Schlager“ music took over its place on the market. Wirtschaftswunder and Fräuleinwunder, hula hoop, Goggomobil, toast hawaii. Because the book for the upcoming festival already exists, we got to know many real agents and spy hunters, which we will introduce to you at the Historiale congress and in historical interviews during the stage shows.

„I see, you just leave out the Nazis!“, people tend to say to us. No, but we will treat that time period in 2013, exactly 80 years after 1933. In the historical interviews, we will not only get to talk to the victims in historical interviews, but also to war profiteers like the Germania architect Albert Speer or actual culprits like Horst Wessel. That will be a challenge!

Reviewing past festivals: 2010 — „Golden Times“ — The Roaring Twenties in Berlin

During this era, it seemed a bit as though the strict parents were out after 1918 and Berlin could let itself go in hundreds of theatres and opera houses. The first German Republic was proclaimed, culture and science were thriving, there was a hyperinflation and Berlin continued growing — everything was in motion.

But were the 20s really „golden“? What about society’s downs? And did women really change their clothes four times a day?
What was the name of the first radio station? How many underground lines did Berlin have? Was Bertolt Brecht already a communist at that time? And what about the gunfights in the streets?

The Historiale 2010 explored all of these issues, amongst many more. With a vibrant programme including film, a congress with leading academics, city tours and museum tours, and the traditional historical market with a wide-ranging programme of shows and music, the festival will bring to life once more a world of revolution and renewal at the start of the 20th century.

For more information, please call us at +49 30 / 20 45 46 73 or leave us a message at info@historiale.de